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Discover Effortless Aging with Hormone Therapy for Women

There's real substance to the notion that every woman is different. No two person's attitudes, bodies, or goals in life are ever exactly the same. But if there's one thing that every person shares, it's that our bodies change as we get older. That's especially true for females over the age of 50. One day you wake up, roll out of bed, and attack the day with vigor and positivity.

The next day, it seems like your emotions are out of control. Despite dieting and healthy life choices, your weight won't go down. It seems like you're having to deal with uncomfortable hot flashes every other hour of the day. Life can be hard after 50, especially when it seems like your body is plotting against you.

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But the truth is, these changes are a completely normal part of the aging process for women. As you might be aware, this change is called menopause, and according to the NIH, more than one million women go through it every year. This change in life marks the end of your period. During this time, your hormones begin to deplete, causing a range of symptoms that can be difficult to deal with without professional help. Some of the most common symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Low Libido or Sexual Desire
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of Focus
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Tiredness
  • Increased Body Weight

Trying to juggle and cope with the symptoms of hormone deficiency can be rough for women and their partners because many of them are linked to nutrition, stress, and lack of exercise.

Fortunately, getting older and going through menopause doesn't have to be the worst time in your life. Hormone replacement therapy for women in Lakeland, FL, can help correct the imbalances in your body that are brought on by menopause. These safe, proven treatments from NV Medical Orlando can help balance your hormones during menopause and even help you reclaim your youth.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Lakeland, FL

AboutWhat is HRT for Women?

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 HRT Lakeland, FL

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women Work?

At NV Medical Orlando, our HRT treatments for women include the use of pellets, which are about the size of a tic-tac and contain hormones like estrogen and testosterone. These pellets are implanted subcutaneously to supply your body with the hormones it needs. Each pellet contains a tiny number of bioidentical hormones that are released steadily into your bloodstream for up to five months.

Unlike other sexual health centers, every HRT treatment provided by our women's sexual health clinic is tailored to our patients. While natural hormone replacement therapy is effective for many women, every patient is different. That's why it's important that you speak with a board-certified doctor, like Gina Kirkpatrick, before starting any HRT treatment to make sure it's right for you.

Is HRT for Women in Lakeland, FL, Right for You?

When a woman's hormones are balanced, there's a better chance that she will be able to live a happy, normal life. That's where the beauty of HRT for women begins to unfold because it balances hormones in your body that would otherwise be disrupted due to menopause.

 HRT For Women Lakeland, FL

HRT treatments for women are revolutionary in that they allow you to enjoy life without suffering through all the pitfalls associated with getting older. However, at NV Medical Orlando, our team understands that no two women have the same bodies or hormone imbalances. That's why our board-certified and fellowship-trained urologist, Gina Kirkpatrick, D.O., provides personalized HRT therapy options for women.

Is HRT treatment from NV Medical Orlando the answer to your mood, weight, and exhaustion problems? That's the million-dollar question we get almost every day. And honestly, it's difficult to say until we can see you in our office and conduct a thorough examination. What we can say is that when your hormones are balanced optimally during menopause, you have a much better chance of living a normal life without the overwhelming symptoms that many women experience.

At NV Medical Orlando, we prioritize helping women balance their hormones to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Our HRT therapy options aren't just about getting you on a regimen - it's about giving your body the nutrition and love it deserves through a patient-first approach.

 Low Libido Lakeland, FL

DifferenceThe NV Medical Orlando Difference

Unlike some clinics that rush their patients into therapy, our team focuses on our patient's needs and goals first. To achieve those goals, we conduct thorough blood tests and comprehensively examine your health during your first visit. That way, we can discover your underlying problems, determine your hormone levels, and get a better sense of your needs.

After that, our dedicated physician will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. The goal of this plan is to outline your HRT journey so that we can balance your hormones and your whole body. During this process, we'll keep a close eye on your hormone replacement therapy for women in Lakeland, FL. Like a web, HRT therapy covers several facets of female health. Each piece of that web works in tandem with others to make up how you feel. If we need to tweak aspects of your plan to help you feel better, we'll let you know and will adjust accordingly.

At the end of the day, we want you to feel safe, empowered, and like you're part of our family. After all, true HRT for women doesn't just balance hormones - it optimizes wellbeing and health, too. That's why NV Medical Orlando is dedicated to giving you a one-of-a-kind experience and specialized care, so you'll never feel like you're falling through the cracks.

Up to this point, we've talked about all the greatness that can come with HRT from NV Medical Orlando - but what are the actual benefits? Let's take a look.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Lakeland, FL

Most women who consider natural hormone therapy are curious about its benefits and the results of long-term clinical investigations. Who wouldn't be? When it comes to the symptoms of menopause, natural estrogen therapy can be incredibly effective for conditions like lack of sleep, weight gain, excessive sweating, mood swings, and more.

In addition to promoting overall health, HRT for women can help reverse sexual symptoms of menopause, like vaginal dryness and general discomfort during intercourse.

When used as part of a comprehensive preventive healthcare plan, HRT can be an invaluable tool for women. That's because hormone therapies like estrogen treatment have been shown in clinical investigations to reduce the risk of serious concerns like osteoporosis and bone loss.

But that's just the start. Clinical studies report a wide range of HRT benefits, including:

  • Improved Mood
  • Better Memory
  • Improved Concentration
  • Longer and Healthier Sleep
  • Fewer Hot Flashes
  • Less Chance of Depression
  • Optimized Vaginal Health
  • Improved Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Improved Blood Pressure
  • Better Cholesterol Levels
  • Less Risk of Alzheimer's
  • Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

To learn more about the benefits of HRT and whether treatment is right for you, contact our office today. If you're ready to feel better about getting older, NV Medical Orlando is here to help you every step of the way.

 Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Lakeland, FL

Your HRT Timeline

As we mentioned earlier, no two women will have the same hormone levels or HRT therapy needs. As such, every woman's timeline for menopause relief will be different. Generally, however, a standard HRT timeline may look like this:

week 1

Around week one, many women notice that they experience fewer hot flashes than normal. Some women notice these improvements only a few days after their first treatment.

week 2

After about two to three weeks of HRT for women in Lakeland, FL, many women notice that they have less irritability, anxiety, and fewer mood swings. During this phase, hot flashes should continue diminishing, and sleep may improve. Other benefits of HRT, like increased libido and more energy, are also expected during this phase.

week 3

Starting around weeks three to four, many HRT patients will notice drastic improvements in menopausal symptoms.

week 4

Around weeks five and six, it's common for women to notice physical differences like healthier skin, less hair loss, and even weight loss. With time, these improvements become even more pronounced.

Additional Services for Optimal Female Health

At NV Medical Orlando, we don't only treat our patients for sexual health and wellness. Because Dr. Gina Kirkpatrick is a fellowship-trained urologist, our clinic has the capacity to treat all matters related to sexual health and wellness, including certain urologic conditions.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Have you started to notice that things “down under” are different than they were years ago? Are you experiencing disconcerting symptoms such as:

  • Burning
  • Irritation After Sex
  • Dryness
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Unfulfilling Intercourse
  • Vaginal Laxity (Lack of Tightness)
  • Diminished Lubrication During Intercourse

If you've noticed any of the above symptoms, you may be dealing with vaginal or pelvic floor laxity. For women dealing with these issues, vaginal rejuvenation often answers their problems. Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term that covers several vaginal corrective procedures. These procedures can correct problems that occur after giving birth or during menopause.

Traditionally, these conditions have been treated with invasive surgeries and with supplements like vaginal estrogen or hyaluronic acid. However, modern treatment options like laser vaginal rejuvenation are growing in popularity and can help women avoid the pitfalls of surgery.

In fact, study centers around the world are using monopolar radiofrequency for vaginal laxity in premenopausal women. Studies show that treatment is safe and helps improve vaginal laxity and other sexual dysfunctions. Additionally, anecdotal evidence shows that patients have less urine leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing, and exercising.

If you're unsatisfied with the appearance of your vagina or have noticed increased looseness or diminished lubrication, don't lose hope. Vaginal rejuvenation, HRT for women in Lakeland, FL, or a combo of the two may be right for you.


Vaginal Dryness

The primary cause of vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness is the reduction of estrogen. Typically, women lose estrogen during and after menopause. Childbirth and hysterectomy can also be causes that reduce estrogen production. To help women restore natural levels of estrogen, thereby treating vaginal dryness, NV Medical Orlando offers three types of therapies:

Vaginal Therapy

Estrogen cream is applied intravaginally at night to improve vaginal blood flow, lubrication, and elasticity. Alternatively, women can choose s Hyaluronic Acid Vaginal Suppository, which provides hormone-free relief from vaginal dryness. This treatment is best for women who cannot undergo hormone replacement therapy.

Minimally Invasive Vaginal Therapy

Viveve Radiofrequency Technology, which uses cryogen-cooled radio frequencies to heat and cool vaginal tissue, is designed to improve:

  • Blood Flow
  • Vaginal Lubrication
  • Vaginal Laxity
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence

This popular treatment is performed discreetly, is painless, and usually takes less than an hour to complete.

Systemic Therapy

HRT for women in Lakeland, FL, can be administered as oral pills, creams, pellets, or as injections under the skin. The specific type of hormones, their delivery mechanisms, and dosage levels are determined on a patient-by-patient basis after a detailed history, physical exam, and laboratory study.

Low Libido in Women

If you're a woman who finds herself lacking sexual desire or the act of sexual intercourse, you're not alone. In fact, research from 1999 shows that as much as 22% of women in the U.S. report low sex drive. Though this issue is often underreported, its causes and the available treatments are well-known.

Causes of low libido in women include:


Hysterectomies often result in a drastic drop of testosterone and estrogen in a woman's body. This drop in hormones has been linked to low libido.


Some medicines that are used to treat depression and anxiety, specifically SSRIs that inhibit serotonin, have been demonstrated to reduce sexual arousal.


Estrogen affects blood flow to vaginal and genital tissues. Reducing estrogen, which can occur during and after menopause, childbirth or surgical menopause created secondary to a hysterectomy can result in reduced vaginal blood flow and lubrication.

Overall Health

Studies on post-menopausal women have demonstrated that patients in poor health report lower sexual desire. In fact, symptoms like chronic pain, fatigue, and mood swings caused by chronic illnesses all contribute to decreased female libido.

Though low libido and the effects of unbalanced hormones can be concerning, treatment is available at NV Medical Orlando. First, a thorough physical exam and health history will be conducted to help our experts develop an optimal treatment plan for you. During your evaluation, you may be asked to complete a questionnaire that helps us assess your symptoms further. That way, we can craft an appropriate treatment regimen to address your symptoms and concerns.

The type of treatment recommended depends on your identified needs and may include hormone replacement therapy for women, vaginal treatments, oral medications, sexual therapies, or additional treatment regimens.

The Premier Choice for FDA-Approved HRT for Women in Lakeland, FL

If you're a woman suffering day-to-day from the symptoms of menopause, now is the time to balance your hormones and reclaim your life. Sure, menopause is a natural process that occurs in almost every woman's body. But that doesn't mean you must forego treatments like HRT to make your transition easier. Who says the second half of your life can't be better than the first?

At NV Medical Orlando, we have helped countless women overcome the life-changing symptoms associated with menopause and hormone imbalances, and we're here for you, too. Contact our office today to schedule your evaluation and take the first step toward long-term relief.

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Latest News in Lakeland, FL

9 Best Things To Do In Lakeland, Florida

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, finely curated antique art, and flakey French-style croissants—these aren't the kinds of things you'd think you'd find in a sleepy Florida college town between Orlando and Tampa. But the small community of Lakeland is making a name for itself with local businesses that fill it with life, character, and travel-worthy appeal.If you ever find yourself stuck in traffic between ...

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, finely curated antique art, and flakey French-style croissants—these aren't the kinds of things you'd think you'd find in a sleepy Florida college town between Orlando and Tampa. But the small community of Lakeland is making a name for itself with local businesses that fill it with life, character, and travel-worthy appeal.

If you ever find yourself stuck in traffic between Orlando and Tampa (and you will), then slow down the journey and peel off to reroute through Lakeland, Florida. Take a stroll around botanical gardens and wildlife preserves. Sit back with a beer or a cone of locally churned ice cream. If it’s Saturday, spend a long morning strolling the many blocks of local artists, farmers, and crafters that draw a crowd each weekend. No matter how you like to spend your time, the best things to do in Lakeland, Florida offer a little something for everyone.

What to Do

Lakeland’s charming downtown between Lake Mirror and Lake Wire is lined with captivating boutiques, record shops, and cafes. Antiquers looking for unique collections should pin Lakeland on the map as a bountiful destination for found treasure. Embark on a two-story antique hunt at Lloyd’s of Lakeland, an antique mall filled with everything from midcentury barware to European stained glass. For a well-curated experience, stop in June Taylor. Make conversation with Lakeland local and boutique owner, Kelly Riley. Then peruse her finds which include everything from Florida Highwaymen art, to Peter Kiel paintings, to marble pedestals. But it’s her abstract artwork sold in vintage frames that have developed a coveted following. If you’re not in the mood to buy art, observe and enjoy the latest exhibition at Polk Museum of Art.

Since Lakeland’s early 20th-century beginnings, when its population was just 15,000, it was a community that was built around entertainment. The Polk Theatre, an ornate 1928 Italianate venue, has been screening films in Lakeland’s downtown square since before moving pictures had sound. Today, it is a marvel of Mediterreanean architecture with a hand-painted ceiling, showing films and hosting live performances. If you prefer to stay in your car, swing through Silver Moon Drive-In Theater, a midcentury mainstay that shows contemporary films with a side of classic movie-going snacks. On certain weekends, it hosts a local swap meet.

The Most Beloved Historic Theaters In The South

As a college town, home to Florida Southern College, Lakeland has many bookshops and cafes that make for ideal afternoons, passing the day with a good read. Browse a selection of new and used books at Pressed LKDL, a cafe and bookstore. The women-owned bookshop, Unbound Bookery, beckons readers into the Florida bungalow cottage with the promise of rare and antique books. Like stepping into a well-read neighbor’s home, you’re sure to walk out with a personally curated stack of reads from the staff.

There are many ways to experience natural Florida in Lakeland. At Circle B Bar Reserve a former cattle ranch has found new life as a 1200-acre wildlife reserve. See Florida animals in their natural habitat while hiking the reserve’s well-marked trails among oak hammocks, wetlands, and marshes. At Bonnet Springs Park, bring the family and explore the Florida Children’s Museum. Then let the kids get their energy out as you explore the sprawling park’s playgrounds, botanical gardens, butterfly house, and canopy walk. Cool off when you need to at a sneaky rooftop garden bar.

When you’re in Lakeland’s historic downtown, take time to amble along Lake Mirror and walk through Hollis Garden, a botanical garden blooming with tropical flora that gives off an intoxicating scent.

Lakeland is a community-oriented town, which is evident in the highly attended weekly Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays. Another popular community event is First Fridays when the town gathers for a car show and maker market.

Lakeland is home to the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture in the world. The famous American architect designed 10 buildings for Florida Southern College. Today, you can go inside and see the creations only as part of educational tours hosted by the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor’s Center. The experience highlights Wright’s distinctive style and educates visitors about the history and design methodology behind each building.

Where to Eat

A college town is nothing without a steady drip of caffeine. Find students and locals at Hillcrest Coffee, a cafe inside a Florida bungalow serving Florida-based bean roasters Buddy Brew and Patriot Coffee, and featuring Florida latte concoctions like Strawberry Honey.

Concord Coffee is a serene place to work with white walls, wood paneling, and avocado toast when you get hungry. If you like your coffee with a flakey pastry, then visit Born & Bread. Only open Wednesday through Saturday, the frequently sold-out bakery specializes in naturally-leavened sourdough loaves and French-style croissants, baked fresh daily.

Southern chicken platters get spicy upgrades at LoveBird Almost Famous Chicken. Accompany your chicken platter or salad with house-made sides like gouda mac, collard greens, and bourbon baked beans. For more southern comfort dishes, head to Fred’s Market Restaurant which you’ll know by the sign lit up with the words “Slow Food, Fast.”

Inside a renovated Tudor home in Lakeland’s historic district, you’ll find the cozy Cob & Pen, an American bistro with a British pub personality.

Many Lakeland locals are brought there by Florida Southern College or the corporate headquarters of Publix, the popular southern grocery chain. You can find these denizens grabbing a drink at The Joinery, a food hall where you can feast on wood-fired pizza, ramen, and locally-made ice cream. For a hand-crafted cocktail, head to Revival, Lakeland’s scene for inventive drinks and bar classics.

Where to Stay

The Terrace Hotel Lakeland is a well-located choice for being within walking distance of Lakeland’s main street action. Upper-level rooms showcase views of Lake Mirror. An onsite bar and restaurant, The Terrace Grille, offers American eats in a dining room naturally lit with arched bay windows.

Lakeland Housing Market Forecast 2024: Will it Crash?

With the current dynamics, Lakeland seems to strike a balance between being a buyer's and seller's market. The 31 days average for homes to go pending and the 3% below list price sale indicate favorable conditions for buyers. Simultaneously, the speed at which hot homes go pending and the 20.4% of homes selling above list price point towards advantageous conditions for sellers. Lakeland's housing market appears resilient and positioned for further growth.Lakeland Housing Mark...

With the current dynamics, Lakeland seems to strike a balance between being a buyer's and seller's market. The 31 days average for homes to go pending and the 3% below list price sale indicate favorable conditions for buyers. Simultaneously, the speed at which hot homes go pending and the 20.4% of homes selling above list price point towards advantageous conditions for sellers. Lakeland's housing market appears resilient and positioned for further growth.

Lakeland Housing Market Trends in 2024

In January 2024, the Lakeland housing market exhibited robust growth, with home prices experiencing a notable surge. According to Redfin, compared to the previous year, home prices in Lakeland saw a substantial 5.3% increase, reaching a median price of $300K. This upward trend reflects a thriving real estate landscape in the region.

The speed at which homes are selling also witnessed improvement, with the average time on the market reducing to 39 days, down from 40 days last year. Additionally, the number of homes sold in January escalated to 137, a considerable rise from the 98 homes sold in the same period the previous year.

Lakeland's real estate market is characterized by a moderate level of competitiveness. Homes, on average, sell within 31 days, indicating a swift turnover. Furthermore, some properties receive multiple offers, emphasizing the demand for housing in the area.

It's noteworthy that the average homes sell for approximately 3% below the list price, going pending in around 31 days. On the other hand, hot properties, considered desirable in the market, can sell for around list price and go pending in as little as 9 days.

The Lakeland housing market grapples with a balance between supply and demand. The sale-to-list price ratio stands at 97.4%, showing a 0.9 point increase year-over-year. This suggests that, while there is demand, homes are selling close to their listed prices, indicating a relatively balanced market.

However, it's crucial to consider that 40.7% of homes experience price drops, signaling some flexibility in pricing. This -3.8 point decrease year-over-year in homes with price drops indicates a certain stabilization in the market.

In Nov '23 – Jan '24, a considerable 34% of Lakeland homebuyers expressed an interest in moving out of Lakeland, while 66% looked to stay within the metropolitan area. This trend suggests a mixed sentiment among homebuyers in terms of relocation.

Examining the origin of new residents, 2% of homebuyers from across the nation sought to move into Lakeland from outside metros. Notably, New York homebuyers led this trend, followed by Miami and Washington, indicating a diverse inflow of individuals seeking residence in Lakeland.

Lakeland Housing Market Forecast for 2024 and 2025

According to Zillow, the Lakeland housing market is exhibiting notable trends. The average home value in Lakeland stands at $314,168, reflecting a 1.6% increase over the past year. Homes in Lakeland typically go pending in approximately 21 days, indicating a brisk and competitive market. These key metrics provide a snapshot of the real estate dynamics in Lakeland as of January 31, 2024.

These metrics collectively offer a nuanced understanding of Lakeland's housing market dynamics, aiding potential buyers, sellers, and investors in making informed decisions.

In terms of the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) forecast, the outlook for Lakeland, FL, is noteworthy. As of January 31, 2024, the forecast indicates a gradual increase, with projected growth rates of 0.2%, 0.9%, and 6.1% for February 29, 2024, April 30, 2024, and January 31, 2025, respectively. This forecast provides a forward-looking perspective on the region's real estate trajectory.

The Lakeland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) encompasses various counties in the state of Florida. This includes a diverse range of communities and neighborhoods contributing to the overall housing market. The market's size is influenced by factors such as population density, economic growth, and housing demand. Lakeland's MSA plays a pivotal role in shaping the broader real estate landscape in the region.

Assessing whether Lakeland's current housing market favors buyers or sellers requires a closer look at key indicators. With the average home value experiencing a 1.6% increase over the past year and homes going pending in 21 days, the market appears to lean towards a seller's market. The brisk pace of sales and the modest inventory suggest that sellers may have the upper hand in negotiations.

The data indicates that Lakeland's home prices have shown resilience, with an overall 1.6% increase in the average home value. This suggests a stable market where prices are not experiencing a significant decline. Homebuyers can find assurance in the market's ability to maintain or increase home values, fostering a sense of stability in Lakeland's real estate landscape.

As of the current analysis, there are no clear signs pointing to an imminent housing market crash in Lakeland. The moderate increase in home values, coupled with a healthy pace of sales, reflects a certain degree of stability. However, it's crucial to monitor market trends and external factors that could impact the real estate landscape. Regular updates and market assessments are essential to stay informed about any potential shifts in the market.

Considering the current state of Lakeland's housing market, the decision to buy a house depends on individual circumstances and long-term goals. The seller's market conditions imply that buyers may face competition, potentially leading to higher prices. However, the stability in home values and the relatively short time on the market make it an opportune time for those ready to make a purchase. Prospective buyers should carefully evaluate their financial readiness and market conditions before deciding if now is the right time to buy a house in Lakeland.

Investing in the Lakeland, FL Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

The city's economic landscape is a critical factor for real estate investors.

The quality of life in Lakeland plays a pivotal role in attracting residents and, consequently, influencing the real estate market.

For investors interested in rental properties, understanding the market size and its growth potential is crucial.


Best Internet Providers in Lakeland, Florida

What is the best internet provider in Lakeland?Spectrum is the best internet service provider for most households in Lakeland, Florida. With wide coverage, reasonable prices and simple service details, Spectrum is a great choice for home internet wherever you're located.However, if Spectrum isn't an option at your address, CNET also recommends Rapid Systems and Frontier Fiber for broadband. Select households may also be serviceable for T-Mobile Home Internet, which costs $60 monthly for down...

What is the best internet provider in Lakeland?

Spectrum is the best internet service provider for most households in Lakeland, Florida. With wide coverage, reasonable prices and simple service details, Spectrum is a great choice for home internet wherever you're located.

However, if Spectrum isn't an option at your address, CNET also recommends Rapid Systems and Frontier Fiber for broadband. Select households may also be serviceable for T-Mobile Home Internet, which costs $60 monthly for download speeds up to 245 megabits per second.

If you're hunting for the lowest prices or fastest speeds in Lakeland, we've also found those picks to help make your decision easier. Although Mediacom offers the cheapest plan in the area ($35 per month for 100Mbps), Frontier Fiber's 500Mbps plan for $45 is more widely available. Frontier Fiber takes the gold with its 5-gigabit service for the speediest plan, costing $155 monthly.

Our methodology

CNET considers speeds, pricing, customer service and overall value to recommend the best internet service in Lakeland across several categories. Our evaluation includes referencing a proprietary database built over years of reviewing internet services. We validate that against provider information by spot-checking local addresses for service availability. We also do a close read of providers' terms and conditions and, when needed, will call ISPs to verify the details.

Despite our efforts to find the most recent and accurate information, our process has some limitations you should know about. Pricing and speed data are variable: certain addresses may qualify for different service tiers, and monthly costs may vary, even within a city. The best way to identify your particular options is to plug your address into a provider's website.

Also, the prices, speed and other information listed above and in the provider cards below may differ from what we found in our research. The cards display the full range of a provider's pricing and speed across the US, according to our database of plan information provided directly by ISPs. At the same time, the text is specific to what's available in Lakeland. The prices referenced within this article's text come from our research and include applicable discounts for setting up automatic payments each month -- a standard industry offering. Discounts and promotions might also be available for signing a term contract or bundling multiple services.

To learn more about how we review internet providers, visit our full methodology page.

Best internet in Lakeland, Florida, in 2024

3 Internet providers

Best internet provider in Lakeland, FL

Our take - Spectrum's wide availability in Lakeland beats out other providers -- over 92% of Lakeland addresses are serviceable for Spectrum, according to FCC data. But coverage isn't the only factor that makes Spectrum a top pick. This cable ISP also offers speeds up to 1,000Mbps, no data caps, no yearly commitments and a free modem with all plans.

Read full review


Check with Spectrum



Speed range

100 - 1,000 Mbps

Price range

$30- $90 per month

Show more details

Best fixed wireless in Lakeland, FL

Our take - Although this fixed wireless ISP is on the pricier side, Rapid Systems might be the right fit for you if Spectrum isn't available or if you live in rural Lakeland. Prices start at $79 per month for 100Mbps, but Rapid Systems offers the second-largest coverage in the area, meaning it's a solid alternative for residential internet.


Check with Rapid


Fixed wireless

Price range

$50 - $130

Show more details

Fastest internet in Lakeland, FL

Our take - Frontier Fiber is Lakeland's largest fiber provider, offering symmetrical speeds, unlimited data and equipment for no extra charge. Customers can choose between four plans: 500Mbps for $45, 1,000Mbps for $60, 2,000Mbps for $100 and 5,000Mbps for $155. Just make sure you're not getting stuck with Frontier's DSL network, which comes with much slower speeds.

Read full review


Check with Frontier



Speed range

500 - 5,000 Mbps

Show more details

Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

How to find internet deals and promotions in Lakeland

The best internet deals and top promotions in Lakeland depend on what discounts are available during that period. Most deals are short-lived, but we look frequently for the latest offers.

Lakeland internet providers, such as Spectrum and Mediacom, may offer lower introductory pricing or streaming add-ons for a limited time. Others, however, such as Frontier and Verizon, run the same standard pricing year-round.

For a more extensive list of promos, check out our guide on the best internet deals.

Source: CNET analysis of provider data.

What’s a good internet speed?

Most internet connection plans can now handle basic productivity and communication tasks. If you're looking for an internet plan that can accommodate videoconferencing, streaming video or gaming, you'll have a better experience with a more robust connection. Here's an overview of the recommended minimum download speeds for various applications, according to the FCC. Note that these are only guidelines -- and that internet speed, service and performance vary by connection type, provider and address.

For more information, refer to our guide on how much internet speed you really need.

How CNET chose the best internet providers in Lakeland

Internet service providers are numerous and regional. Unlike the latest smartphone, laptop, router or kitchen tool, it’s impractical to personally test every ISP in a given city. So what’s our approach? We start by researching the pricing, availability and speed information, drawing on our own historical ISP data, the provider sites and mapping information from the Federal Communications Commission at

But it doesn’t end there. We go to the FCC’s website to check our data and ensure we consider every ISP that provides service in an area. We also input local addresses on provider websites to find specific options for residents. We look at sources, including the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power, to evaluate how happy customers are with an ISP’s service. ISP plans and prices are subject to frequent changes; all information provided is accurate as of publication.

Once we have this localized information, we ask three main questions:

While the answers to those questions are often layered and complex, the providers who come closest to “yes” on all three are the ones we recommend. When selecting the cheapest internet service, we look for the plans with the lowest monthly fee, though we also factor in things like price increases, equipment fees and contracts. Choosing the fastest internet service is relatively straightforward. We look at advertised upload and download speeds and also consider real-world speed data from sources like Ookla and FCC reports.

To explore our process in more depth, visit our how we test ISPs page.

FL Measles Outbreak Spreads To Polk County

FLORIDA — Florida’s measles outbreak continues to spread, with the first case outside Broward County reported in Central Florida, according to multiple reports.A Polk County resident between the ages of 20 and 24 has been infected with the disease, the Orlando Sentinel reported. They are the first adult to contract measles this year in Florida.The Florida D...

FLORIDA — Florida’s measles outbreak continues to spread, with the first case outside Broward County reported in Central Florida, according to multiple reports.

A Polk County resident between the ages of 20 and 24 has been infected with the disease, the Orlando Sentinel reported. They are the first adult to contract measles this year in Florida.

The Florida Department of Health called this “a travel-related case,” according to a notice from the agency to health-care providers in the state.

This follows weeks of cases being reported at Manatee Bay Elementary School in Broward County.

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As of Monday, there were 10 measles cases reported in the state since Feb. 1 — one in Polk County and nine in Broward County — data from Merlin, Florida’s reportable disease surveillance system, shows.

Since the outbreak started, Florida’s surgeon general Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo has come under fire for not encouraging vaccination against measles, Patch previously reported.

Though those unvaccinated against measles or those who haven’t previously had the viral infection typically stay home for up to 21 days to prevent its spread, he told parents at Manatee Bay in a letter that he would allow parents and guardians to decide whether their unvaccinated child would attend school or not during the outbreak.

“The letter doesn’t explicitly say we need to get more people vaccinated, and that is a key point that families need to know,” Dr. Aileen Marty told NBC News Miami.

U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is based in South Florida, has called for Ladapo’s resignation, WMNF reported.

“From where I stand, Surgeon General Ladapo needs to go,” she said during a news conference in Broward County. “To leave all of the burden of deciding whether to send their children to school if they are unvaccinated on parents is grossly irresponsible.”

Suspected measles cases should be reported immediately to local county health departments or the FDOH’s Bureau of Epidemiology at 850-245-4401, the agency said.

Those who have received the full series of the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) immunization are 98 percent protected and are highly unlikely to contract measles, the FDOH in Broward County said in an earlier news release.

Measles is highly contagious and can remain infectious in the air and on surfaces for up to two hours, with more than a 90 percent contraction rate among susceptible contacts.

Those at risk include people who are immunocompromised and/or those who have not received a full series of the MMR immunization.

Based on the exposure time frame, DOH-Broward is identifying susceptible contacts that may be candidates for post-exposure prophylaxis through MMR or immunoglobulin.

The symptoms of measles generally begin about eight to 14 days after exposure but can range up to 21 days. Transmission is possible four days before the rash becomes visible and four days after the rash appears.

In some cases, measles can result in severe outcomes, including pneumonia and encephalitis.

The most prominent symptom of measles is a rash that often develops on the face and neck and can spread to the rest of the body. Prior to this rash, symptoms of measles can include:

Lakeland Approves Massive Solar Farm Near Florida Polytechnic University

A massive array of ground-mounted solar panels may soon rise on 1,400 acres of largely undevelopable land near Florida Polytechnic University.The City Commission voted unanimously Monday to allow the solar power generation facility as a conditional use on 2,044 acres of marshy land — east of State Road 33 and North Combee Road and south of University Boulevard.The land is part o...

A massive array of ground-mounted solar panels may soon rise on 1,400 acres of largely undevelopable land near Florida Polytechnic University.

The City Commission voted unanimously Monday to allow the solar power generation facility as a conditional use on 2,044 acres of marshy land — east of State Road 33 and North Combee Road and south of University Boulevard.

The land is part of a nearly 5,000-acre tract that the Williams Acquisition Holding Co. LLC has owned for more than two decades.

Williams, based in Oklahoma, is one of the largest natural gas providers in the U.S. and has major land holdings across the Eastern Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. The company has also invested heavily in new energy ventures including large-scale solar installations.

Much of the property proposed for the solar farm was formerly used for phosphate mining. Because it has poor soil that is not suitable for development, it was zoned for conservation or limited development when it was annexed into the city limits in 2001.

Tom Cloud, a land use attorney with GrayRobinson in Orlando, told the commissioners that the solar farm is a perfect use for land that would otherwise likely sit vacant.

The 200 megawatt solar farm will have dozens of racks of 90 solar panels each that are roughly 153 feet long, 13 feet wide and 15 feet tall. They will rotate 60 degrees from east to west to track the movement of the sun.

An analysis by city planners said the effect on neighboring properties “should be minimal as the project will not generate any significant noise, odors or traffic impacts.” The solar farm would be set back at least 100 feet from State Road 33 and buffered by shrubs or trees and a minimum 6-foot high fence or wall.

“It’s hard to imagine, for me, that you could find a better place for a solar farm,” Cloud said at an agenda study session on Friday. “Most of the ones you see, like if you go up the turnpike or the 429, are readily visible from the highway. … This one is going to have a much better visual footprint because, for the most part, you’re not going to know it’s there.”

The project would be completed in three phases. The first would be on 1,400 acres.

Commissioners had some questions about environmental impact, when they discussed it on Dec. 1 prior to the first reading.

Sara Roberts McCarley said she was generally supportive of the project but wanted to make sure the city was thinking about potential “unintended consequences” in terms of water drainage and how the “wave of mirror” might affect the rain and water cycles.

“If you are elevating the terrain with gravel, you are changing the landscape literally, even though it is a wetland and not suitable for other things. Down the road, are we going to see some environmental impacts into Bridgewater and these other places?” McCarley asked. “Water is going to find its way to go somewhere, especially if we dry out and build these things. So I just think that is a critical component to that whole area.”

In the intervening weeks, her questions were answered to her satisfaction. On Monday, she called it “the highest, best use” of the property.

Commissioner Mike Musick wanted to make sure the city and the Innovation District will benefit from the project. The Central Florida Innovation District is a vision shared by Lakeland, Auburndale, Polk County and other stakeholders to transform the area around Florida Polytechnic University and SunTrax into a high-tech corridor with high-skills, high-wage jobs.

City Planning and Transportation Manager Chuck Barmby said some of the power will go to Lakeland Electric and surveys had taken drainage and environmental concerns into account.

Commissioner Stephanie Madden on Monday thanked the Williams Company for working with the city and Florida Poly to continue nurturing the dream they have for the Innovation District.

“They really sat at our table and with Florida Poly,” she said. “It’s so great when developers and property owners who want to see the vision of a region and how that could radically transform the future for Central Florida.”

Madden recently sounded an alarm at the Dec. 4 commission meeting regarding the city of Auburndale considering a planned warehouse north of Pace Road and east of the Polk Parkway, saying it goes against all of the plans city and county leaders have adopted for a science-and-technology hub anchored by the university.


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