Orlando Medical Spa Services

Our Mission:

NV Medical Orlando not only provides Sexual Health and Wellness but we also provide wonderful Medical Spa services that are cutting edge and typically FDA approved for treating the signs and symptom’s of aging.

From Hormone Replacement/BHRT to our Weightloss injection program called the Slimshot to our Facial Rejuvenation and Skincare services.

At NV Medical Orlando we are committed to putting together an effective patient care plan that works for you as an individual to address all aspects of Health and Wellness.

We understand that in Health and Wellness, one size or treatment plan does not work for everyone. So we customize our services just for you!

Many of these treatments can often help turn back the clock of aging to give you more beauty, more vitality and a more youthful outlook as you reach your middle ages and beyond.

IV Hydration Therapy

The immune system can get run down due to stress or illness, making you more susceptible to infections like colds and flu. A nutrient-enriched IV can help boost your immune system so you don’t get sick as often!. read more

Slim Shot Weightloss Program – Orlando

OrlandoWegovy™ is effective because it simulates the action of a hormone that controls hunger and satiety in the brain. By reducing your hunger, you may be able to lose weight read more

Injectables and Fillers for Facial Lines and Wrinkles

 Injectables and Facial Fillers are one of the most commonly used injectables. Facial Fillers can be used to plump the lips, add volume to the cheeks, and fill in lines around the mouth and eyes. read more


Typical Warning Signs in Men and Women that indicate the Need for Hormone Replacement Therapy read more

Comprehensive Care

Our mission is to meet with you individually to discuss your needs and concerns related to Sexual Health and Wellness.

Individual Approach

Because each patient has specific Urologic and Sexual Wellness needs, it’s important for us to hear directly from you.

Nice Atmosphere

The atmosphere in our Urology practice is warm. Our staff is professional and caring. It’s important for us to make sure you feel welcome.

Qualified Team

Our doctor is a Board Certified Fellowship Trained Urologist specializing in Sexual Health and Wellness.

Precise Treatment

The Urologic and Sexual Wellness treatments we administer have to be precise because each person is different,

Comfortable Clinic

Our office is clean, contemporary, and modern. You’ll feel at ease from the moment you walk into the door

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