Male Low Libido Orlando

Male Low Libido (Sexual Desire)

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in men is the decrease, deficiency, or absence of sexual thoughts, fantasies, and the desire for sexual activity. These symptoms cause personal distress.

HSDD can be caused by several factors that affect individuals and couples, which could be divided into biological, psychological, and social factors. Medical conditions requiring medication usage, hormonal deficiencies, and relationship challenges can all contribute to HSDD.

A thorough history and physical exam with laboratory studies should be made to devise an optimal and efficacious treatment plan.


Treatments are based on the cause of the condition and prescribing of the appropriate therapy.

If it is determined that the patient has low testosterone, then supplementation should be provided and monitored routinely.

Behavioral health modifications are often recommended, including refraining from or limiting the use of alcohol to moderate usage, discontinuation of smoking, improving sleep habits, participating in regular exercise, and developing healthy eating habits.

In certain situations, the use of a sex therapist may be recommended. This therapy is often optimized if the patient’s partner or spouse participates in therapy sessions.

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