Vaginal Dryness

The primary cause of vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy is reduction of estrogen which occurs during and after menopause. Childbirth and hysterectomy can be additional causes which can reduce estrogen production in the body.  The following outlines treatment therapies available at NV Medical Orlando.


Local therapy: (Vaginal Therapy)

  • Estrogen cream applied intravaginally at night can help improve vaginal blood flow, elasticity and lubrication.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Vaginal Suppository provides hormone free relief from vaginal dryness which is recommended for women who are not good candidates for hormone supplementation, either due to prior history of stroke, breast cancer, uterine cancer or other conditions.
  • Minimally Invasive Vaginal Therapy

Viveve Radiofrequency Technology which uses cryogen cooled radiofrequency to heat and cool tissue in the vaginal area, which is designed to improve vaginal laxity, improve blood flow, lubrication and can also treat stress urinary incontinence. The treatment is done discreetly, is painless and takes 45 mins to 1 hour to complete. Most patients start to notice improvement in symptoms in 1 month but may take a full 6 months for maximum improvement.

Systemic Therapies:

 Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can be administered as oral pills, pellets, cream or as in injection underneath the skin. The specific type of hormones, its delivery mechanism and dosage will be determined after a detailed history, physical exam, and laboratory studies have been done.

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