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Why See Our Urologist in Orlando?

Seeing a board certified urologists is necessary when you begin to notice a significant decline in your urine flow or sexual ability related to desire, or an inability to start or complete sexual relations in a normal or healthy way.

Our board certified urologists Dr. Gina Kirkpatrick is a fellowship trained urologist and has many years of experience in treating all matters related to sexual health and wellness.

With a focus on women’s issue like Vaginal Dryness, Vaginal Laxity, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Low To No Sexual Desire

For Men we treat Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, and Low To No Sexual Drive

Dr. Gina Kirkpatrick has shown an exceptional ability to solve many of the most challenging issues related to urology issues that would affect a healthy and normal sexual life in your relationship.

Because Dr. Kirkpatrick understands not one treatment fits all. She takes a one on one approach in her evaluation and diagnosis with the goal of resolving your urological issues related Sexual Health and Wellness.

All consultations are personal and private. As we respect our patients need to maintain privacy for such uncomfortable topics.

Rest assure you are not alone and that any solution we provide is FDA approved and a recommended treatment plan.

Contact Our Office Today To Discuss Your Concerns.

Love this office! My stress incontinence has been fixed thanks to Dr. Kirkpatrick.

Joan Sanders

Love the results of my treatment!

Melissa Hahn

Love this urologist! The wait to see her is long and the wait in the office is long as well. Never forget the price you pay to see the greatest shall always be long. I will wait hours to see her!

October 28th, 2020

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