The Importance of Getting Hormone Replacement Therapy From a Doctor

According to recent statistics, there's been a 35 percent increase in the amount of pharmaceuticals prescribed for hormone replacement therapy in recent years. An HRT doctor at an HRT clinic uses this treatment to help women with menopause. The therapy helps women with hot flashes and even osteoporosis. 

Having an HRT doctor administer this care is essential because you will get expert advice and a professional procedure. Moreover, it's a safe environment, and you'll receive good follow-up care from an HRT doctor.

Here's more on getting hormone replacement therapy from a doctor at a hormone clinic. 

Expert Advice

An Orlando HRT doctor will determine the right course of treatment for hormone replacement therapy. A hormone replacement doctor will analyze your medical information and prescribe the proper medication for your symptoms.

For example, an HRT clinic replaces the estrogen your body stops making during menopause. What's the proper dosage? 

However, there are risks. Some studies suggest higher instances of cancer or blood clots. However, a hormone clinic can prevent bone loss. It also helps with urinary tract symptoms, vaginal dryness, diabetes, and heart disease.

Safe Environment

A hormone clinic with an HRT for Women in Orlando offers a comforting environment to receive your treatment. Doctors and nurses will take care of you at every step.

A hormone replacement doctor will respond to your emergency needs. If treatment isn't working, your HRT doctor will change course. You will get compassion and empathy surrounding your struggles. 

Many women might feel embarrassed or sensitive about HRT. However, an HRT clinic will help you to feel at ease. 

Use an Orlando HRT doctor to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with your health. 

Follow-Up Care 

HRT usually takes a few weeks to begin to work, and your doctor will monitor your progress. You will start to notice improvements in sleep and mood almost immediately.

Night sweats, hot flashes, and memory issues will begin to subside. In three to six months, you'll begin to notice changes in muscle mass and fat loss. 

However, it's important for a qualified physician to monitor your changes and progress along the way. 

As you progress, your HRT doctor will be with you every step of the way. Your doctor will also look for adverse effects. They will do bloodwork and notice any physical changes that may occur. 

Once treatment is over, doctors will see you yearly for follow-ups.

Using a Hormone Clinic with a Doctor

There are several benefits to using a hormone clinic with a doctor, including getting expert advice from a doctor and receiving that information in a safe environment. Moreover, a doctor will provide excellent follow-up care once treatment is finished.

Menopause can be scary for many women, and you may need hormone replacement therapy to help. Getting the best care from a qualified physician is the best way to go about treatment. 

Please schedule an appointment with us today. We are experts in the field of HRT in the Orlando area. We'll get you feeling like your old self again!

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