Female low Sex drive Orlando

Low Libido (Lack of Sexual Desire)

If you are experiencing a lack of sexual desire and lack of sexual thoughts for 6 or more months which has become troublesome to you, then you may be experiencing Hypoactive Sexual Desire Dysfunction.

Female low libido or decreased sexual desire and interest can have multiple causes. These symptoms may be attributed to biological factors that can include hormonal causes, medical health factors, medications; In addition, symptoms can be attributed to psychological factors including relationship stress, mental illness and history of sexual abuse.

Inability to obtain an orgasm

If you are experiencing persistent or recurrent reduced intensity, delay, infrequency or absence of sexual orgasm following a normal excitement/arousal phase with adequate stimulation, you may have a condition called Anorgasmia. If your orgasms are infrequent or you are having difficulty climaxing or your orgasms are of weak intensity, then you may have a condition called Hypo-orgasmia.

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